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La Cioccolateria... a sweet passion in prestigious clothing



The business history de “La Cioccolateria Promo e strenne” is tightly tied to that some family. The manufacturing firm doesn't see changed its objective, or to continue the activity bringing the mark of family Sperandeo. Not only in Italy, but all over the world. To offer more and more an assortment of products to her clientele to base of chocolate suit and glutton in the absolute respect of quality, constancy and tradition.

La Cioccolateria Promo e Strenne is situated in Sperone (AV), in the Street Charles Marx, 10. Far 18 kms from Avellino and 35 kms from Naples and it is situated near the stop of the Circumvesuviana.

It’s a confectionery industry born in 1985.

Also finalized in the elaboration of proposals gift, you studies for answering to the different demands, of personal or business style, La Cioccolateria Promo e strenne it has the merit of the choice of products of primary quality, placed side by side by serious and constant systems of control.

La Cioccolateria Promo e Strenne offers besides a range of proposals inspired to the best confectionery tradition in classical and precious wrappings. A concert of persuasive tastes that they tell the magic of the parties in a perfect fusion between quality and taste, tradition and genuineness.

La Cioccolateria Promo e Strenne it reserves for a long time the maximum attention to her own image, choosing more and more in the years original tones and accattivanti.

Fineness of the product, punctuality in the deliveries, care of the packaging and good relationship quality / price, completes the profile of great level of the firm.

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La Cioccolateria Promo e Strenne - via Marx, 10 - Sperone (AV) - Italy | Ph.:+39 081 8259147 - F.:+39 081 5103234 | Mail: